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All Over 46 Countries and Districts

We have established a stable cooperation network with several foreign exhibition groups and associations all over 46 countries and districts. We have successfully organized 217 exhibiting projects including 46 electricity expos, 12 metering and power grid expos, 28 new energy expos, 31 industrial machinery expos, 28 agricultural machinery expos, 26 building material expos, 24 IT technology expos and other 15 expos(electronics, lighting).

Headquartered in Xiamen, Honor Group has established branch offices and holding companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong as it grows rapidly. We stick to the branding road of professional, international and market-oriented strategy, helping Chinese companies to keep in space with global market while they are seeking for the greatest benefits on a international stage. Start with foreign exhibition services, we are devoting to bind together the online O2O fair, exhibition hall related business, exhibitions organizing, events planning, business trip for international culture. ?We aim to lead the exhibition industry in and out of China by arm ourselves with modernization and intelligence.

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